[Updated 9.2023]

EDCOIN (EDC) is a global digital asset ecosystem with multiple complementary verticals that are designed to maximise value to its global community while helping to combat instabllity in volatile markets, especially in various emerging economies.


EDC, built using the ERC-20 blockchain, will provide features that will empower users globally to easily, securely, and seamlessly facilitate remittances, make purchases and participate in the fast-growing Web 3.0 sector. 

EDC will provide the following benefits in the EDCOIN ecosystem

  • A digital asset (EDC) that powers a payment gateway (EDPAY) and a mobile application (ED2E), allowing users to purchase or sell products in a P2P marketplace. 
  • A loyalty program (EDPOINTS).
  • A Web3.0 component that includes NFT storage and an EDCOIN Metaverse
  • Access to merchants in EDMARK City, the first blockchain city in Nigeria, and related programs.
  • EDCOIN Smart Staking programs.

As the technology landscape for digital assets grows, new utility for EDC will be developed.

The official EDCOIN Smart Staking Contract Address is: 


Number of Decimals: 18.