Every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain has a transaction fee. This is measured in GAS/GWEI and paid for by deducting ETH from your wallet. Buying, selling, depositing, withdrawing and transferring incur fees.

If you plan to HODL EDC and wait for the value of EDC to increase as the EDCOIN eco-system grows and demand increases, EDCOIN APP is the best place to keep your EDC. If you wish to trade EDC, the recommended exchange is whiteBIT where you can interact with USDT.

If you already have EDC in UNISWAP, TRUSTWALLET and METAMASK you will need to pay for the GAS FEES by having sufficient ETH to withdraw/transfer/trade EDC from these wallets.

You can read more about HIGH GAS FEES here: https://t.me/EDCOIN_OFFICIAL/42