[Updated 10.2023]

  • A Telegram group is an ideal way to exchange texts, multimedia, and other files with friends or a team. Depending on settings for the group set by the admins, conversations or chit-chat can take place amongst members within the Telegram group.

  • The differences between a Telegram Channel and a Telegram Group can be summarized as follows:

EDCOIN related Telegram Channels are:

Telegram Channel | English https://t.me/EDCOIN_OFFICIAL

Telegram Channel | French | https://t.me/EDCOINOfficialFrench

Telegram Channel | Arabic | https://t.me/EdcoinOfficialArabic

Telegram Channel | Swahili | https://t.me/EDCOINOfficialKiswahili

EDCOIN's Telegram Group is:

Telegram Group | English | https://t.me/EDcoinFinance