[Updated 10.2023]


How to transfer EDCOIN from Trust Wallet to whiteBIT. 

Please read this important notice about ETH/GAS/Gwei fees first: https://t.me/EDCOIN_OFFICIAL/42 

  1. In WhiteBIT, go to BALANCE.  
  2. Search for EDC (This is the ticker for EDCOIN
  3. Please read the cautionary advice in RED provided by WhiteBIT
  4. Please take note of the minimum EDC deposit stipulated by WhiteBIT!
  5. Click on DEPOSIT and accurately COPY your EDC DEPOSIT ADDRESS. 
  6. Open your Trustwallet app 
  7. Click on EDCOIN 
  8. Click on Send 
  9. Paste your WhiteBIT EDC DEPOSIT ADDRESS address 
  10. Key in the amount of EDC you want to withdraw from your Trustwallet
  11. Click on Approve. 
  12. The transaction between Trustwallet and WhiteBIT may take time. 
  13. Check your WhiteBIT Balance. 
  14. When the transaction is successful, the correct amount of EDC will show in your WhiteBIT balance.