EDCOIN is more than just another crypto.  


The EDCOIN team has been fruitfully busy integrating & building key components for the ecosystem to enrich the community’s MARKETPLACE whilst making EDCOIN increasingly more relevant within the greater EDMARK vision for the world. 


Visually, you can now see how EDCOIN links to important real-world applications via MARKETPLACE. 


In addition to UNISWAP, EDCOIN is now listed on whiteBIT, making it even easier for EDCOINERS to acquire & trade EDCOIN with USDT, without the hassles of worrying about high ETH/GAS/GWEI fees on UNISWAP. Instructional videos will be released soon to help every EDCOINER harness the most from the growing EDCOIN ecosystem.  


Acquire your EDCOIN today. Whether you choose to unleash its utility to your fullest advantage via EDPOINTS APP or EDPAY or HODL EDCOIN with true purpose, the power of choice is yours.