[Updated 10.2023]

Please note that EDEX is being phased out. You cannot deposit any crypto into EDEX. However, you may withdrawal your crypto, in total, from EDEX and they will be manually processed by our EDEX team.

You can trade EDC on the WhiteBit exchange against USDT


For approximate conversion to your local currency, you can consider using www.xe.com for a ballpark conversion. 

(The following are old instructions which we are retaining for posterity:

3️⃣ EDEX ➡️  whiteBIT 

How to transfer EDCOIN from EDEX to whiteBIT. 


  1. In whiteBIT, go to BALANCE.  
  2. Search for EDC (This is the ticker for EDCOIN) 
  3. Please read the cautionary advice in RED provided by WhiteBIT 
  4. The minimum deposit is 30 EDC. (Please reconfirm this as this may be adjusted by WhiteBit)
  5. Click on DEPOSIT and accurately COPY your EDC DEPOSIT ADDRESS. 
  6. Login to your EDEX account. 
  7. Click on Wallet. 
  8. Follow the Line where you see EDCOIN until you see the Withdraw button. 
  9. Paste your whiteBIT EDC DEPOSIT ADDRESS address 
  10. Key in the amount of EDC you want to withdraw from your EDEX account. 
  11. Go to your email and copy the Withdrawal verification code. 
  12. Paste it and click Proceed. 
  13. Wait for your approval, you will be notified by mail. 
  14. The transaction between EDEX and whiteBIT may take time. 
  15. Check your whiteBIT Balance. 
  16. When the transaction is successful, the correct amount of EDC will show in your whiteBIT balance. 


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