[Updated 10.2023]

EDPOINTS are LOYALTY POINTS that can be used in various ecosystems including the EDMARK ecosystem.

EDPOINTS cannot be converted into cash. EDPOINTS are not digital assets and they are not tradeable on any exchange. 

Within the EDMARK ecosystemEDPOINTS can be used to redeem EDMARK-related goods and services.

As of 25 January, 2024, EDPOINTS can be redeemed for either EDMARK products or used to purchase EDMARK LIVE MALL vouchers for use in the exciting EDMARK LIVE MALL website: https://edmarklivemall.com/

Please view this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION article to learn about this new feature: https://edcoin.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/82000907325-how-to-purchase-live-mall-vouchers-with-edpoints-apply-live-mall-vouchers-in-edmark-live-mall-s-web

EDPOINTS may also be used to purchase other goods and services in new ecosystems that will be built overtime.