[Updated 10.2023]

For an overview of the MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET App, please view:


If you have EDCOIN (EDC) in your EDCOIN App, you will need to:


  1. Download the MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET App from Google Playstore or use the WEB APP version.
  2. You will need to perform a brand new registration for your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET
  3. And successfully complete the KYC (Identity Verification/Know Your Customer) for your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET.
  4. Once your KYC is approved, your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET is ready and you can transfer your EDCOIN (EDC) in your EDCOIN App to your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET

Please note that the transaction fee for withdrawing EDCOIN (EDC) from your EDCOIN App is absorbed by the EDCOIN FOUNDATION.

Please allow for up to 72 hours for manual approvals of withdrawals, allowing for public holidays, time zone differences and occasionally, backlogs during peak season(s). GMT+8 time applies.  This is an additional layer of security provided by the EDCOIN FOUNDATION.

We have tutorials prepared to assist you.

Please watch...

  1. If you have an EDCOIN App wallet | https://youtu.be/N0P2nVAX0QY?si=kIYysG4Q3sg1yNVf
  2. Registering your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET | https://youtu.be/HDI0SuyHyWk?si=ur2f8vbBoVbHRRrT
  3. How to set up Email Authentication (Email Two Factor Authentication) in your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET | https://youtu.be/Eq6voSHHTY4?si=DXERPaM3-1AcxeU3
  4. How to transfer EDCOIN (EDC) from your EDCOIN App to your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET | https://youtu.be/dBGFkCjFo44?si=3sn-FxkSAJ4UtFJX

Please visit our official YouTube Channel for more tutorials in both English and French: https://www.youtube.com/@EDCOINOFFICIAL