[Updated 10.2023]

If you are keeping your EDCOIN (EDC) in another wallet like Trust Wallet or on the Whitebit or Uniswap exchanges, it is advisable to consider using MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME WALLET for safekeeping and to also grow your EDC portfolio through the various functions/services made available only in the MASTER EDCOIN WALLET ecosystem such as EDCOIN SMART STAKING programs and more.

If you have never participated in EDCOIN SMART STAKING before...

  1. Please download the MASTER EDCOIN WALLET @ ME Wallet if you wish to keep your EDCOIN (EDC) in your ME Wallet and more importantly, if you wish to participate in programs such as EDCOIN SMART STAKING programs, EDPOINTS bonus campaigns and more. 
  2. After downloading the ME Wallet app from Google Playstore or accessing the ME Wallet Web App...
  3. You will need to perform a new sign up.
  4. You will need a new login username.
  5. You will need a new password.
  6. You will need to submit your identification documents for the KYC | KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER verification.
  7. Please note that email authentication is required and enabled by default.
  8. It is advisable to enable Google 2 Factor Authentication for better security and for a higher withdrawal limit.
  9. Once your KYC is approved, you can transfer your EDCOIN to your ME WALLET.

To deposit/transfer EDCOIN (EDC) to your MASTER EDCOIN WALLET, please watch this tutorial:


Please visit our official YouTube Channel for more tutorials in both English and Frenchhttps://www.youtube.com/@EDCOINOFFICIAL