[Updated 10.2023]

We have a tutorial prepared for you:


In this tutorial, you will learn how to withdraw EDC (EDCOIN) from MARKETPLACE.

Step 1: Navigate to Marketplace

1. Open any internet browser. Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

2. Enter this address https://marketplace.ed-coin.io/

3. You will be redirect to the Marketplace login page.

4. Click on Login button.

Step 2: Login

5. Enter your registered email address and password in the Marketplace.

6. Check the box for I’m not a robot.

7. Click Login button.

8. Click on the Forgot Your Password? If you have forgotten your password and request to reset it.

Step 3: Authentication.

9. Select Authentication method.

10. Click AUTHY to select if you already have Google authentication app downloaded and configured previously.

11. Click Email Authentication to select if you prefer Email Authentication.

Step 3a: Email Authentication.

12. For Email Authentication, you will receive 6 digits code sent to your registered email. 

13. Enter the 6 digit code received in your email. 

Hint: The code will expire within five (5) minutes. 

14. Click Verify.

Step 3b: AUTHY Authentication.

15. If you use AUTHY Authentication, launch your Google AUTHY app to generate an authentication code for Marketplace.

16. Enter the 6 digits code received in your email. 

Hint: The code will expire within thirty (30) seconds. 

17.  Click Verify.

Step 4: Navigate to Withdrawal

18. After your login has been authenticated, you will be redirected to Marketplace Dashboard.

19. On the menu bar, click on WITHDRAW  on the top of the dashboard.

Step 5: Withdraw your EDCOIN (EDC).

20. Enter the Public Wallet Address you wish to withdraw to. 

21. Enter EDCOIN (EDC) amount you wish to withdraw.

22. Click Withdraw button to continue.

Step 6: Confirm your Withdrawal Details.

23. Verify your Recipient’s Wallet Address entered.

24. Verify your withdrawal EDC Amount.

25. Click Proceed button to continue.

Step 7: Authenticate your transaction.

26. Select the Authentication method. For this example, Email Authentication is selected. 

27. Check your email to obtain the 6 digit code.

28. Enter the 6 digit code received (Step 2) and click Proceed.

Step 8: Confirmation Notification.

29. You will receive a notification from the system for the withdrawal request.

30. Click Withdraw EDC button to perform another withdrawal or click on Back to Dashboard to end your transaction. 

31. When you return to Marketplace dashboard…

Step 9: Pending Withdrawal Status.

32. The system will display a notification on the withdrawal transaction status: “Your WITHDRAWAL transaction is now processing. Please reload this page after 1 minute to check the updated status of your transaction.” 

33. To reload and check the status update, click the button shown. It is located on the left side of the web address.  

Hint: The request time frame is dependent on the blockchain network traffic. 

Step 10: Withdrawal Success.

34. After the page is refreshed and the withdrawal transaction is successful, the system will display an updated message “You have withdraw XXX EDC with details of recipient wallet details and transaction hash.”  

35. Your wallet balance will be updated with a new balance after deducting the withdrawn amount including the withdrawal fee. 

Step 11: Transaction History Logs.

36. To check a successful transaction, go to Marketplace Menu, select “TRANSACTION LOGS”.

37. Select the transaction “Date Range”  for your transaction date. The system date range defaults to the “Last 1-month” range.

38. Under the History tab, navigate to Withdraw tab option. 

Your withdrawal transaction including the withdrawal fee will be available for your viewing.