We invite you to be part of the EDCOIN FOUNDATION's #BUIDL initiative which is a genuine effort to increase the utility for EDCOIN (EDC) strategically and globally. Unlike many pump and dump projects in the marketplace, the EDCOIN ecosystem is being built every single day.

To BUIDL or not to BUIDL?

BUIDL is a warping of the word “build” in the same fashion as “HODL” – Holding On for Dear Life. 

BUIDL is a call to arms for building & contributing to the digital asset ecosystem, instead of passively holding.

The BUIDL movement believes that instead of just accumulating or trading cryptocurrencies, people should start contributing proactively in order to help adoption & improve the ecosystem people invested.

The 1st thing that comes to mind when talking about building in a highly technological space such as the crypto space is that you need to be an expert in programming to contribute, but this is not the case for BUIDLing.

BUIDLing can involve simply using a cryptocurrency for its intended purpose, utilizing smart contracts, beta testing products, writing articles, playing blockchain games, using wallets & anything that could help the blockchain & cryptocurrency fields evolve & expand.

Yes, there have been and there will always be challenges but we are able to overcome them with determination and we are staying the course to #BUIDL! Join us and help us grow the EDCOIN ecosystem and EDCOIN community globally.

Let's #BUIDLforwardTOGETHER!