[Updated 10.2023]

To use the EDPOINTS App, you would need either an EDA Number or an ED2E Number.

If you are an EDMARK Distributor, you can use your EDA Number.

If you are are not yet an EDMARK Distributor and you would like to to be an EDMARK distributor, to register as an EDMARK Distributor and to obtain an EDMARK DISTRIBUTOR ACCOUNT i.e. EDA number, please visit or contact the nearest EDMARK office/branch.

Please refer to the following FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) article for the contact details of an EDMARK office/branch:


You can also refer to EDMARK's FAQ on its Freshdesk system:


Enhancements for the EDPOINTS application will be made in the near future to increase the ease in which features and benefits related to the use of EDPOINTS globally can be accessed. This would include a Web App version of the EDPOINTS App.