[Updated 1.2024]

EDPOINTS calculations are either based on the currency and country of your KYC (Know Your Customer) validation or the registration of your EDA number and can only be used for the purchase of EDMARK products in the country of the KYC/EDA Number registration.

For example, an EDCOINER who completed their KYC for EDCOIN APP or MASTER EDCOIN WALLET for the Philippines can use EDPOINTS within his/her EDCOIN APP or MASTER EDCOIN WALLET or EDPOINTS APP for the purchase of related products only in the Philippines.

In order to use your existing EDPOINTS in another country, you would need to contact your nearest EDMARK branch in your country of KYC  for a manual transfer.

Please view https://edmarker.com/contact-us for a list of countries and their respective offices.

In the event that you are in a country where there is temporarily no EDMARK office, for example, if your EDPOINTS are meant only for use in NIGERIA but you wish to use them to purchase products in BENIN, you will need to contact EDMARK CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

However, as of 25 January, 2024, it is possible to perform new conversions of EDCOIN into EDPOINTS within the MASTER EDCOIN WALLET and have the newly converted EDPOINTS received by a EDA/ED2E account holder of a different country.

Please view this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ) article:


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